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If you are in need of custom brokerage expertise, freight forwarding specialists, quality logistics services of warehousing, pick and pack, distribution, or import file audits, Curlett, Cannon and Galbell can help you. Our team of experienced Customs brokers and entry coordinators takes care of everything needed to secure release of your shipment from Australian Customs.


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We are focused on meeting our customers’ requirements in all areas of international freight and customs brokerage. We help customers envision and shape their growth around the key drivers of customs compliance, productivity and cost effectiveness. We are a continuous improvement and developing firm, with a fantastic team of understanding professionals dedicated to helping clients with the burden of arranging import and export freight and custom clearance.

We have a specialised group of dedicated expert custom brokers helping clients by recovering incorrectly or overpaid import duties on a no win no charge basis. Through our “Customs Duty Refund Audits” achieving the best results for our clients in the fastest amount of time. We are an experienced, friendly, expert, patient and accessible customs brokerage firm genuinely dedicated to helping our clients through an extremely wide array of customs and international freight issues.


We recently contracted Curlett, Cannon and Galbell Pty Ltd to Audit our Duty payments over the last 4 years which is the allowable time under Customs Law and Legislation. Whilst sceptic at first of David, Chris and the CCG team’s ability to identify Refunds as we believed that our Duty payments had always been correct, as the risk was nil we decided to proceed. We were delighted with the results which provided for Refunds and ongoing savings and the input from myself and my Company on product identification and involvement was minimal. A good result all around.

Andrew Wilson, Moss Products Pty Ltd

We recently conducted a duty audit with the help of Curlett, Cannon & Galbell Pty Ltd to evaluate our import processing. I am writing here to thank the staff of Curlett, Cannon & Galbell (CCG) for efforts in successfully auditing and arranging for the repayment of overpaid Customs Duties on behalf of Yipose Trading Company. It is clear that CCG are specialists in the Australian Customs and Trade & Tariff field and that their team is dedicated to the needs of its clients. Their depth of knowledge and understanding of Customs legislation proved to be invaluable. We are particularly pleased with the excellent results achieved. CCG Customs Duty Refund Audit service and response is of excellent quality and I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Curlett, Cannon & Galbell to other importers.

Cynthia Ma, Yipose Trading Company Pty Ltd

We recently conducted a duty audit with the help of Curlett, Cannon & Galbell Pty Ltd to evaluate our import processing. While we had hoped to achieve some refunds, we were surprised how successful this audit was. Due to products previously being incorrectly classified or available concessions having been overlooked, Curlett, Cannon & Galbell arranged for amendments and considerable refunds. The whole process of the audit was pleasant, properly explained and handled quickly and transparently. The audit document will be very useful for our ongoing import processing. We have no hesitation in recommending David, Chris and his colleagues and believe many companies would benefit from their services.

Thomas Michael, Bright Life Australia Pty Ltd

We solve those difficult Australian Customs and Freight Forwarding problems so you can make your business awesome

  • We make it easy to understand the process of clearing shipments through Customs.
  • We tell you exactly which documents are needed, show you how to find or create those documents, and then make it easy to submit them with our team of Customs brokers.
  • We have a convenient office location in Tullamarine Victoria, and an interstate and global network of long established and reliable agents.